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Classic Refresh

Another option for your classic or vintage car is a refresh. This is not a restoration, but is more that a simple repair. We can repair, update, or modify any aspect of your car to keep it a comfortable and reliable car. Have a high miles modern car that you love but just has too many little issues? Let us refresh it. Have a classic that needs some modern updates like brakes, or Fuel Injection? Let us refresh it.  These can range from $1500 to $15000 depending on the level of work desired. 

Our goal in a refresh is not to fully restore a car to like new, or better than new, but to create a reliable, safe, and fun classic that won’t break the bank. We will inspect your car and create a plan of items that need repair, items that might not hold up over time, and items that might warrant updates or modernization. 

We don’t have a paint shop here but can do some body repair and rust repair. We can touch-up paint your car, or send it out for a full repaint if desired. 

Whether your classic is a 70s or 80s station wagon, a 50s or 60s coupe, or even a 90s or 00s sports or luxury car, we can work with you to bring functionality and comfort back to your ride.

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