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New LED classic car headlights kit for vintage cars

LED Classic Car Headlights Kit

Headlight tech has vastly improved in the last couple decades and here at Hennepin RestoMods, we believe your beautiful classic deserves quality headlights even if it wasn't born with them.
Our kit provides an easy and inexpensive one-stop DIY solution to modern LED bulbs in classic car headlights.

Comparison of classic car headlights

Halogen vs. LED headlights

The difference is plain to the eye: where dated halogen bulbs are hot, yellow and uneven, LED classic car headlights are cool, clean and crisp. Our kit uses the best diodes available, benefiting from constant comparison with other brands on the market. The results speak for themselves.

Parts List:

  •  Headlight Housings (Square or Round)
  • LED Bulbs
  • Dimmer Switch (for Hi- & Lo-Beams)
  • Dashboard Switch
  • Wiring & Crimps
  • Detailed & Easy-to-Follow Instructions