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Hennepin RestoMod’s mission is to refresh and renew high quality vehicles at a reasonable cost and create custom builds that embrace the joy of driving, the practicality of modern technology all while focusing on recycling, upcycling and reuse.

Current and Upcoming Projects

1952 Ford F1 Extended Cab Restomod

The owner of this unique truck started this conversion in the 90s, got quite a ways into it before life got in the way and it sat. It’s a 1952 F1/F2 hybdrid on a 1979 Ford F150 4×4 chassis. We’re adding FiTech EFI, updating the drivetrain and finishing the body work and interior. 

1960 saab 93F Ice Racer rust repair

The owner of this Saab ice raced it in 1977 before it was put away. He bought it in the 90s to resurrect it and made some progress on it before sending it to us for rust repair and some of the heavy lifting. He’ll finish it and get it back to racing later this year.

1979 dodge van custom engine swap

This amazing van was purchased from the original builder’s widow in the early 2000s. After some use and no power steering, brakes or power, it was parked. We’re swapping in a 318 V-8 for the original Slant 6, adding FiTech EFI, and partial engine rebuild, and converting to power steering and brakes to make this a daily drivable classic.

1953 chevy 3800 dairy truck to tap truck

This truck was purchased to convert to a tap truck to add to the owners floral business. We’re rebuilding the box, installing a generator and refreshing the engine and chassis. 

1979 Mercedes 300td turbo diesel swap and refresh

We purchased this vintage Mercedes Diesel with the engine and transmission removed. We installed a turbo diesel in place of the original non-turbo engine. We then refreshed the chassis by replacing all of the wear parts and rebuilding the hydraulic system and AC. It’s not all original, but it’s all Mercedes. 

Completed projects

1950 Dodge route van restomod

This unique vintage Route Van with custom aluminum box was built onto a shortened and lowered Chevy Silverado 3500 chassis. This allowed us to add ABS power brakes, power steering, a modern fuel injected engine and automatic transmission to this vintage van.

1989 Volvo 240 wagon refresh

We purchased this from the original owner after a rusted and cracked control arm was discovered. We fixed the control arms, replace tie rods and ball joints, performed minor rust repair, and repaired the headlights and reupholstered the drivers seat.

1950 Chevy 3800 REstomod

This build was a labor of love built on a very tight budget. This truck belonged to my wife’s grandfather at his farm and was passed down to her uncle before a minor roll over and damaged transmission parked it in the barn in 1988. There is sat for 30 years until the farm was sold. We built it onto a 2001 Silverado chassis that also belonged to the uncle. This is still a work inprogress, but we were really happy to get this running an driving again!

1988 Mazda RX7 REfresh

This car was bought as an abandoned project and had the V-8 swap performed to enter the Grassroots Motorsports (GRM) $2004 challenge in 2004. The builders returned in 2005 to take the overall win at that event. We then bought it and used it at autocrosses and track days before being put away for several years. We installed a larger radiator and updated the cooling system, put the heater back together, added a modern stereo and got it ready for the track or daily driving.

1969 Ford p-350 electric power steering

The owner of this truck found that steering is was extremely difficult, which is an issue for a food truck. We installed an ePowerSteering system in it and rebuilt the stock, manual, steering box and got it back on the road. Popeye steering to one handed steering. 

1962 Ford vanette rat rod updates

We did some updates to this truck to make it more drivable for the customer. We replaced the rear air bags with taller bags to give it more height, rebuilt the air bag controls to operate off of one switch with regulators and mufflers to smooth out raising and lowering the truck. We also installer a FiTech EFI system on it as well as one of our single arm windshield wiper kits. 

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