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A RestoMod is a car that has been built somewhere between a restoration and a modded custom car. For us, this means a car that mostly looks stock, but drives and performs like a new car. 

Engine Swap

The basic way to upgrade your classic is to do an engine swap. There are lots of advantages to this as modern engines are powerful and efficient and can be very inexpensive from salvage yards and even reasonable as new ‘crate’ engines. This can bring fuel injection and modern ignition systems and transmissions, but not modern brakes and suspension. 

Engine swaps are the most economical way to RestoMod your car.

Frame Swap

Another RestoMod option is to swap the entire chassis under your vehicle. This requires your vehicle and the donor to be full frame vehicles and is best suited for trucks for this reason. There are aftermarket frames available for many cars to accept modern engines and suspension but these can be very expensive.

Subframe kits

Modern cars and SUVs mount all of their drivetrain, suspension and brakes to a front and rear subframe in the vehicle. Imagine installing these complete subframes on your classic.

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