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Hennepin RestoMod’s mission is to refresh and renew high quality vehicles at a reasonable cost and create custom builds that embrace the joy of driving, the practicality of modern technology all while focusing on recycling, upcycling and reuse.

A full restomod build can span from a traditional V8 swap, commonly a version of the Chevy LS series of engines today, to a full update of suspension, brakes, drivetrain and even interior. We can build your dream and work to keep to your budget. Expect that a restomods might run from $5000 – $50000, with many builds in the $30000 range.

Another option for your classic or vintage car is a refresh. This is not a restoration, but is more that a simple repair. We can repair, update, or modify any aspect of your car to keep it a comfortable and reliable car. Have a high miles modern car that you love but just as too many little issues? Let us refresh it. Have a classic that needs some modern updates like brakes, or Fuel Injection? Let us refresh it.  These can range from $1500 to $15000 depending on the level of work desired. 

We build kits to help you update your classic vehicle and are dealers or installers for several brands as well. We can sell or install any of these options for you! 

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    2020 Toyota RAV4 Overland build

    We purchased this RAV4 as a wreck with only 180 miles. It was a mere three weeks old when it was 'totaled'. We repaired the SUV, lifted it, put bigger…

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  • RestoMod Camper Vans
    RestoMod Camper Vans

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  • Electric Power Steering
    Electric Power Steering

    Does your classic car have manual steering that's just not fun to drive? Try electric power steering

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Our kits and products

Hennepin RestoMods is proud  to offer the following products, kits, and services for your vintage, classic, or restomod. We’re here to help keep your car on the road or return it to the road if needed.
Everything we do is intended to provide you with quality parts and kits and service at affordable prices.

Meet the Hennepin RestoMods team

The Boss

Soren Barr

Owner and Chief Engineer

Soren Barr has a lifelong infatuation with cars. From Hot Wheels…

Jack of All Trades

Paul Hansen

Jack of all trades

Paul has been in love with cars his entire life, working with them off and on for 30+ years. It all began in with his first car in high school, bolting on as many accessories as he could…

Logan Lowry

Senior Technician and Welder

Logan started his journey driving around on his grandma and grandpa’s farm as a kid, which continued into his first build with his Dad…



Chris Zywicki


Chris was introduced to the mechanic tradition at the age of 15. Chris worked with his father to pull a 305 TPI engine out of a 1986 Pontiac Firebird Formula….


Jon Scherbenski

Senior Technician

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