Hennepin RestoMods

Windshield Wiper Kit

At Hennepin RestoMods we deal with vintage wiper replacement a lot, so we know your options.
The first
is the typical “Hot Rod” wipers: small, weak motors powering tiny 10” wiper blades. 90% looks, 10% function.
Second option
is a specialty replacement for your specific car. This is fine for the purist who must remain as stock as possible, but it’s expensive with no guarantees that your car will be supported.
you can do what our shop does: high quality marine motors and wipers. You don’t skimp on safety and nowhere are wipers more important than on the high seas where water is everywhere and visibility is key. That’s why we offer kits using the same parts we use in our shop: high grade components usually used in marine areas which are one-size-fits-all—meaning cheaper than custom—and of the highest quality—meaning safer than “hot rod” generics.

Parts List:

  • Wiper Arms & Blades (Single or Double)
  • New Electric Motors
  • Dashboard Switch
  • Wires & Crimps
  • Detailed & Easy-To-Follow Instructions


  • Wiper Fluid Tank
  • Pump
  • Nozzle